kl. 20:00 – 21:30 på Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk

Importance of art
A presentation by curator Tijana Mišković

In my presentation at the Art School in Holbæk I wish to give an introduction to my curatorial praxis by showing artwork examples from seminars and exhibitions, which I have been curating with focus on artistic expressions pertinent to current issues.
I will show artworks by artists I have been working with and who each with their different methods try to create art of importance to the world we live in. What does it mean that an artwork is relevant and important? How can an artist aesthetically express and communicate about important issues?
These questions will lead me to reflection regarding artists’ role in society; something I find very essential for my current curatorial work produced for COPENHAGEN ULTRACONTEMPORARY BIENNALE.
During the presentation the students will get an impression of my curatorial field of interest as well as an insight in different theoretical and practical stages in curatorial work, from the conceptualization, over creation of new exhibition platforms to development of communication strategies.
www.tijanamiskovic.com www.tijanamiskovic.wordpress.com www.copenhagenbiennale.org

photo_01_til_profilTijana Mišković is currently co- curator and director of the COPENHAGEN ULTRACONTEMPORARY BIENNALE together with Thierry Geoffroy/ COLONEL. In her practice, Mišković’s relies on the artistic capacity of contributing to vital debates in society. Her work is grounded in connecting people from different cultures, professions and disciplines and reflects a strong understanding of both the practical and conceptual aspects of art. Previously Miskovic worked on various international events such as U-TURN Quadriennale, the 54th Liverpool Biennial/City States 2012, 54th Venice Biennial, Manifesta 8, HEART – Herning Museum of Contemporary Art, Nikolaj Copenhagen Contemporary Art Center, and Den Frie – Centre of Contemporary Art.
Mišković regularly organized seminars for institutions that include the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Moesgaard Museum (MOMU), The National Museum of Denmark and II Museo delle Culture in Lugano. The seminars were dedicated to creating connections between art theory and current sociopolitical contexts.


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