Art ought to have more focus in our society. Creating free space, art makes us more human and the world a better place to be. Welcome to Kunsthøjskolen i Holbæk

A place for Art

Kunsthøjskolen contains a leading educational environment in the development of the visual arts. Different people meet here, exchange views and conceive and implement projects across subjects. Teachers are all professional contemporary visual artists, architects, designers, etc. Here you can test and develop your skills in contemporary art.

Kunsthøjskolen wishes to challenge your notions of what life and art can be. Through practices in the aesthetics we explore the world and reach a greater understanding of it, of each other and ourselves in society.

Please note that the main language at Kunsthøjskolen is Danish. However, teaching of individual subjects and ‘family’ meetings might be in English if necessary.



A semester (18 week course) at Kunsthøjskolen includes much more than just common tutelage.
Kunsthøjskolen is the frame for an intense creative environment, where the social aspect plays a particularly important role in every day life as well as for the overall benefit of the student.

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Summer Courses

During the summer from June through July, we complete a series of short term courses, with a length of 14 days each + a single smaller one of 8 days.
The courses are intensive and very concise, giving good possibilities to delve into a single artistic discipline. Besides the workshops there is a number of lectures, films and other activities.

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Fields of Art

Among the permanent subjects offered on the semester courses are: Analog Photography, Animation, Architecture, Design, Digital Photography, Painting, Literature, Sound Art, Ceramics, Installation Art, Graphic Design, Printmaking, Video, Comics, Sculpture, Jewellery Design and Screen Printing.


Professional Artists

All teachers, permanent and guest teachers, are professional working artists.
Listed below is our resident teachers.
You can see an overview of all teachers here and you can find more information about the individual teachers from their individual profile pages, by clicking their portrait.
The profile pages are in Danish, but often holds one or more links to the artists own international sites.