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Christina Schou Christensen b.1973, ceramist
Christina Schou Christensen generally views her works as experiments. She explores a field that is hard to control, and where the outcome is difficult, if not impossible, to predict. Christina sets certain parameters for the unfolding of the materials, but the process and the interaction among the materials are crucial for the outcome. Among the key factors are the temperature of the kiln, the size of holes, the firing tools and the melting point of the glaze.
Each kiln firing is an experiment that adds to Christina Schou Christensen’s understanding of the process that occurs when a particular glaze is poured into a ceramic container and fired in a kiln at a particular temperature.
The material experiments are Christina Schou Christensen’s source of inspiration. She tests assumptions, and the outcome from the kiln tells her what direction to pursue next. Christina aims to remain as receptive as possible to what her experiments have to tell her. The result may seem chaotic at first glance, but instead of rejecting the result she looks for potential new directions, and additional firings may provide the basis for new expressions and techniques.

Website: www.christinaschouchristensen.dk