Kursus D: 17. juli - 30. juli, 2016 ( 6150 kr ) *

Thought – Action – Space

This is a painting course, that finds inspiration in unlikely places: in machine design, popular graphics, public signals, even street art, following the idea, that what you see informs your ability to create images. In this sense, this course reverses the title of the program: how does the space around us, and the way we move inside it influence our thoughts and ideas? And how can we give these ideas form?

Using a wide range of materials, from vinyl, oil and acrylic paints to oil sticks and gold leaf, to different supports, from canvas to metal, we will research the characteristic of various materials and how they alter the meaning of a painting. The main focus will be on a free and experimental use of materials during the course, to find the best possible form for every individual participants‘ ideas.

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