Fag i 3. periode (16. nov. – 19. dec.), Værkstedsfag

Whether we are aware of it or not, Design is everywhere. almost every thing from the thousands of objects that surround us and make up our lives, has been designed; not only our mobile phones or sneakers, but every tooth-pick or a clothes peg is an outcome of a design process. sometimes things are designed by accident, sometimes by a long process of evolution, but mostly it is an outcome of a decision-making process, both analytic and intuitive.

In the course we will try to understand why things are made the way they are, try and solve problems, invent new ones, get a taste of the past(design history) and a better understanding of issues related to consumption/production in our ever changing complex present.
but mainly to think and make, get our hands dirty, acquire some basic skills working with materials… and have fun!

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