Academy of Emergency Art

Fag i 3. periode ( 18. april – 28. maj ), Værkstedsfag

During this 5 weeks courses we aim to give streaming and permanent inspiration to express in and about the NOW
Show methods of doing immediate and important exhibitions of art works and how to reach and involve the audience, as well as how to create a relevant live debate by Internet circulation of the outcome. The course will thus also question the interaction of art in society and the role of the artist.
The participants will train:
• How to make the NOW a constant streaming source of inspiration, by being alert
and aware.
• How to spot and select relevant issues in the world of today both when it comes to
matters taking place next to them and those relevant in a global perspective.
• How to express in a closest possible proximity to the NOW by making a daily changing
platform for exhibiting and debate the same day.
The curriculum, will include:
• Art history lessons showing examples of artists who have been in time (or in advance in of
their time, avant-garde )
• Artist that have create debate in time than created some change in society
• Presentations followed up with debate sessions on topics like “The role of the artist in the
society”, ” Methods of visibility”, “What is an art movement? and “How can an artwork
have impact in the society?”.
• Presentation and practical workshop about how to use medias (TV, radio) as an artist
• Practical workshop on social media and how it can be use artistically by artists
• Practical workshop on slogans formulations and how do give them a form
• Presentation and practical workshop on photography
• How to interconnect art with other creative fields like literature, fashion, design,
architecture, music.
• Presentation and practical workshop on artistic journalism (artist –journalist) and reporting
with artistic methods
• Presentation and practical workshop on how to involve citizens (people outside the art
world) in the debate created through art. This will involve tours and excursions outside the
school to meet and exchange with others.
• Group presentations
• Individual studio visits
• Daily changing art exhibition done by the students
• By completed course, students will receive a diploma.

Thierry Geoffroy /COLONEL is the main teacher and leader of the workshop. During the course he will invite guests who would teach about specific expertise- or experiences areas that might be useful when working with ULTRACONTEMPORARY and EMERGENCY ART.

– art reflecting on the now
– art produced in the now
– art exhibited in the now.

To work in an ULTRACONTEMPORARY way is to be in time.