During your stay at The Folk Art School in Holbæk, you will get insights, learning methods and ways to work with art in various media. Through professional guidance and teaching in the different subjects, the school can help you make qualified applying material for the higher art education, such as the national or international art academies, architect schools and design schools.

    Autumn 2017

    The course for fall 2017 starts at the 13th of August and ends at the 16th December

    You have the opportunity to put together your individual course

    The course is divided in 3 periods (terms), were you choose between different subjects. The idea is that you will get the opportunity to think across subjects, theoretical and practical and there by test your expectations, ideas and possibilities in a professional and multidisciplinary environment. The Folk Art School in Holbæk is a place, which creates and demands space for thoughts to move freely and creatively. It is our belief, that each student in an environment such as this will be able to get better skills, together with the sense of flexibility and ambiguity. Here you get the best possibilities to enhance or create a network of committed and art-loving people, which play an active role in the Danish cultural life.

    By clicking on each period below you can get a view on which subjects we offer.

    — 1. period ( 13. Aug. – 08. Oct.)

    Morning workshopAfternoon workshop

    Dance / Performance
    Ida Katinka Fridan Pedersen
    Analog photography
    Hanne Houlberg
    History and Art
    Astrid Kruse Jensen
    Christin Johansson
    Palle Sigsgaard
    Marie-Louise Kristensen
    Michael Nielen
    Peter Land
    Sculpture mécanique
    Anders Møller, Christian Flopper Mastrup
    Jeanette Land Schou

    — 2. period ( 09. Oct. – 12. Nov. )

    Morning workshopAfternoon workshop

    Halfdan Pisket
    Nis Rømer
    Thomas Friisholm
    Christin Johansson
    Allan Grønvall Pedersen
    Graphic Design
    Jeppe Pendrup Jørgensen
    Tobias Kirstein
    Melou Vanggaard
    Processes in the city's rooms
    Mette Kit Jensen
    Astrid Kruse Jensen

    — 3. Period ( 13. Nov. – 16 Dec. )


    Nis Rømer
    Troels Flensted
    Peter Larsen
    Thomas Friisholm
    Screen printing & Textiles
    Hanne Houlberg

    (subject to alterations and errors).

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    Teachers and lectures

    The school has a wide network of teachers with professional backgrounds as practicing visual artists, authors, musicians, architects, designers, and in close interaction with invited guest teachers from Denmark and abroad they nourish the dynamic environment in the school by exchanging ideas, thoughts about teaching so the best possible environment for leaning about artistic work is created. The school also invites some of the important contemporary artists of today, to tell about their practice and their projects. This way you can get an insight of their work and methods in many different artistic disciplines.

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    Consultation / Guidance

    The guidance is mainly focused on the artistic educations. On every team of students, a meeting mainly with former students from this school now studying at various academies, design-schools, architect-schools and more, is arranged. During these meetings they will answer any relevant questions you might have about studying the arts and crafts. Every week a visual artist, author, musician, or the like, is invited to give a lecture. Afterwards they will answer questions and offer some guidance if needed. Every teacher on this school is a practicing artist, and they are at your service in every waking moment. They will give you advice, have conversations with you and will be able to give you potential references to further qualified contacts to get you in the right direction artistically.


    At the moment: Fall (18 weeks): 27.000 dkk. Spring (20 weeks): 30.000 dkk. + 1600 dkk. for the study trip to Berlin, + an appendice for a singleroom with/without shower and double rooms with shower. (With the rights reserved for price changes)

    And what for?

    The price of the course covers teaching (5 hours daily Monday to Friday), lectures and events, food and accommodation.

    The cost of materials is individual. The materials are not included in the price and therefore each student will pay for their own use of materials.

    How do you pay?

    The price of the course is paid in 4 rates of which 2/5 is paid at arrival. You receive a letter from the school when you are accepted as a student, and a sum of 1000 dkk is charged. 500 dkk is for the material account in the material shop at school, and the other 500 dkk is an administration fee. Due to the ruels for visa foreign students with permanent address abroad the EU have to pay all school fees in advance.

    If you decide to end your stay in the middle of the term, you have to pay 4 weeks stay from the day you leave the school. If the school already paid for your participation on the trip abroad, you have to pay for the expenses in connection to that.

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