What is culture today?

Fag i 1. periode ( 12. jan. – 1. mar. ), Formiddagsfag

High culture, low culture, subcultures, corporate culture, consumer culture, no culture – what does the word culture mean in all this?
Does it relate to classical music, traditional folk costumes or the sporty lifestyle?

In earlier times, it may have been easy to define culture in opposition to nature. But latest with the advance of concepts such as the Anthropocene, the idea that our planet has entered a geological age defined by human impact, our contemporary concepts of culture deserve a thorough revision.

What is clear is that our culture defines us, but is also changing all the time. So how to look at something so important, yet so fluid?
In this course we will look at the various categories of culture, and the different established concepts to address this issue, and test them against our own observations. The concept of the course is strictly dialogical – I deliver the presentation, you deliver your observations and together we will examine these examples and their interrelations.

At the end of the course you may not have a finite answer to our initial question, but you will have a whole toolbox of ideas and concepts at your disposal that you can use for your own practical work, but also to make more sense of the ever changing world around you, and yourself in it.